What is a portable application ?

A portable app (portable application) is an application that stays in a single folder. Thus, a portable app works from any synced cloud folder (OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox...), from any portable storage device (USB key, memory stick, portable hard drive...) or from any folder present on the local PC or a private network (folder in the persoanl storage space, folder on the PC hard drive...). A portable app can be easily moved from one computer to another.

A portable app does not save any file outside its own folder and then doesn't modify the existing system and its configuration, doesn't write to the Windows registry or store its configuration files in the user's profile.

A portable app doesn't need admin rights.

A portable app can be used by anyone, anywhere!

How do I uninstall a portable application ?

As everything stays in a single fodler, you just have to delete that folder. Easy!